Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s rocket salad, not science.

Let Google drive high quality traffic to your site, consistently.

Wizardry, the dark arts, cloak and dagger…what absolute crud. Good quality SEO is more rocket salad than science, it really is. A good quality SEO provider will be able to explain every process they undertake and should have no problem with anything they do being quality reviewed, even by Google themselves. Let that last point sink in please. Even by Google!

The formula for SEO success is very easy to understand. It’s this:

Great onpage optimisation + Great web content + Links to site = SEO SUCCESS

However, the practical implementation of a quality SEO campaign is time consuming, technical and requires out of the box thinking to generate long term results. Most of all you have to offer a genuinely good user experience to Google users. Be useful, become an online resource.

In case you didn’t know, over 90% of Google users never go beyond page 1 when searching and over 30% of users click the top result.

The process we undertake for all clients is easy to break down into a few steps:

  1. Review. Evaluate current rankings & marketplace. Understand who’s doing what and who needs to be beaten.
  2. Technical SEO. Sort the website (Site Audit). Speed, architecture, roadblocks, stupid issues, review content and other basics
  3. Digital PR & Outreach. Plan a schedule of PR to get niche relevant and mainstream press talking about your business and linking to you.

Thats it folks, then over time your website rankings can looks like this:

example of SEO success







We can also do the following SEO tasks:

Google Penalty Removal & Recovery:

A stressful time for business owners and search professionals alike. This is usually a time of transition where a new agency will be appointed to clean up someone else’s mess.

This comes with a certain level of anxiety and concern about whether organic search is the “right” strategy for your business moving forwards.

A new relationship needs to be forged and your website needs to be pulled out of whatever penalty it has as quickly as possible.

During this time depending on the type of penalty your business is in we will recommend a strategy for recovery post penalty removal. Naturally this involves us showing you that our approach is the right investment for your business.

Luckily having considerable success at steering clients out of penalties and recovering their organic visibility to all time highs we feel confident that we can hold your hand through this transition and work with you towards a brighter future online.

Reputation Management (ORM):

Your brand is your reputation. You might be your brand. When people search your brand online what do they find? Old out of date articles?, Complaints & bad reviews?, other websites/competitors ranking on page one?

ORM or Online Reputation Management goes hand in hand with our Digital PR services we deliver for clients. Where we are creating a stream of new press coverage for clients it becomes easier to manipulate the search results for your brand and us to move the good results about your business up and the bad ones down.

This happens over a period of time. A convenient by-product of using us to handle your ORM is increased brand visibility, traffic and sales within your market. Win-Win.

Of course there are other aspects to a ORM campaign and they often need to be ongoing, especially if you have suffered some unfavorable coverage in the past.

Contact us today for a honest discussion about your ORM needs and how a multi pronged strategy can not only transform your brands reputation online but benefit your overall organic search campaign.

SEO Risk Assessments:

Most people who have been involved with organic search in the last few years will have heard of the Penguin update. Several iterations of this algorithm have now passed and Google is getting better at detecting poor quality and un-natural links. The penalties that have been handed to thousands of websites have been quite devastating to some.

The organic search landscape has changed greatly as a result.

No longer can you afford not to ensure that the links pointing at your website are within guidelines and pose as little risk as humanly possible to judge. Thats why we use dedicated software as well as manual assessment to determine link quality

We regularly act as an independent assessor of other peoples work but also where businesses have legitimate concern we can conduct a full audit of your backlink profile and take steps to clean up any issues BEFORE they cause you a potentially devastating penalty by a search engine.

Content Strategies:

Investment into quality, thoughtful and engaging content on all pages of your website is the linchpin in our onsite strategy we aim to implement for your business.

The level of expense and effort required to regain lost user attention and traffic back to your brand is multiplied hugely if you fail to engage visitors at the earliest opportunity.

Measuring how users interact with your website tells you whether you are engaging them, capturing their attention and selling to them, or if you are wasting opportunity.

Every piece of content you produce online must serve to fulfil one of two or ideally both of these criteria: i) Attract new audience or ii) Convert to sale/goal

Google have an algorithm designed to penalise those sites who fail to deliver a good user experience so if you have fallen victim to this and are languishing in the listings we can definitely help you recover.

Talk to us today and we can showcase our success at delivering excellent content strategies that have helped our clients dominate their niches.

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