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With Facebook, it’s not just about reach it’s also about engagement. Just take a look around at people next time you get five minutes to people watch. Everyone is seemingly glued to their screens like zombies. This creates an opportunity like never before to reach the audience that you need to speak to for brand awareness or direct response messaging.

Of course, how you target those people and what message you give them are part of the services we provide as a Facebook marketing agency.

Just take a look at some crazy social numbers to see what we mean:

facebook advertising agency

This snippet of text was borrowed straight from Facebook:

“A lot of time is spent online and on mobile with Google properties, YouTube, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Twitter and Pinterest. But on mobile, more total time is spent on Facebook and Instagram than all of those combined. In fact, Facebook and Instagram account for 22% of all time spent on mobile.5 This accounts for 1 in 5 mobile minutes — that’s more time spent than the next 10 mobile platforms combined.”

So whats the difference between say Google Adwords and spending money on Facebook Ads you might ask?!

Well, quite a lot but it is actually relatively simple to explain:

Google Adwords you traditionally have 6 to 10 ad slots on a results page that show once a user Google’s a keyword or phrase. You target your ads to those keywords and you can be very tight or loose with keywords depending on your campaign objectives. Google Adwords is very demand based advertising.

It’s pretty simple but its super expensive and super competitive. Remember, limited inventory on page 1 on a demand based platform.

Facebook ads are a whole different ball game.

Whether its browsing Fail vids, liking meme’s, trolling your mates new haircut or ranting about your day in the office, the way people consume social media and what they do on it is incredibly varied. However, Facebook knows more about people’s interests, preferences, likes and personality than most people know about themselves. It creates an unrivalled opportunity for brands to position their advertising in front of customers both existing and new at very cost effective rates depending on what you are actually trying to achieve.

Get in touch today to see how Facebook ads can benefit your business and how we can plan, create and manage your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns and make social ads work for your business.


BrandVisibility Facebook Marketing Agency Services:

Account Manager – A dedicated point of contact to oversee your account and communicate with.

Audience Targeting & Campaign planning –  We will plan and deliver an ad campaign based on your business objectives by agreeing our targeting of ads be that Demographics, Interests, Behaviours, Connections or Custom Audiences.

Ad creation, testing & Optimisation –  We will create ad copy written to capture your audiences attention. We’ll create images and video’s to go with this copy. Then, we optimise the delivery of these ads to the best converting or performing ads, continuously.

Conversion Tracking & Remarketing – We’ll help you install the Facebook pixel and set up any custom conversions needed and we’ll also help you reach users on Facebook that have already visited your website or performed certain actions. We’ll discuss these objectives at planning stage for early success and help you utilise Facebook custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Reporting – We’ll pull reporting at any time you wish so you are fully informed as to your ad campaign performance.


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