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Brand Visibility is a forward thinking digital PR agency based in London with a strong focus on digital PR, Facebook & Instagram marketing and SEO. Founded by ex Yahoo! Search Marketing and Digital agency veterans we strive to bring all clients the success they deserve.

As part of our ongoing dedication to supporting talented and creative minds we are helping to fund the next generation of bright young digital thinkers and entrepreneurs by providing two £1500 bursaries every year to someone who can wow us with their creativity and persuasiveness.

Our Scholarship provides an additional funding route for those who really need it most. We want to assist fledgling entrepreneurs in accessing the skills, knowledge and education required to promote their own business in the future or find a fulfilling career in Digital marketing and Public Relations.

The Brand Visibility Scholarship is only available to those students currently enrolled in full time education at an officially UK Govt recognised institution or US academic institution.


What are we awarding?:


We are offering a bi-annual bursary of £1500 to a winning applicant. This bursary is designed to ease the debt burden students are placed under and ideally should be spent on something constructive for the future.


Who is eligible?:


You must be currently enrolled in full time education at an approved UK academic institution or US academic institution. You must not be a previous Brand Visibility Bursary winner. You must be able to provide a letter of recommendation as to your course attendance.


How to apply:


The process for applying is easy peasy. All you have to do is email us at before the closing date*:

  • Provide an official letter from tutor on your Educational institutions letter head that you do attend your course
  • Provide your Facebook & Linkedin profile URL so we can verify your details
  • Provide your email address & phone number so we can contact you if you win
  • In 1000+ words write an essay that answers the following:

There’s no such thing as bad publicity – agree or disagree?

  • The essay must be original and will be checked for authenticity


How will a winner be selected?:


We will be evaluating all applications based on a few basic criteria such as smelling pisstakes and grammar and originality but overwhelmingly just like PR, a winning idea or strategy is one that grabs attention, creates cut-through and stands out so shock us, be bold, fly by the seat of your pants. Or not. The choice is yours.


When is the Closing date?:


*Closing date for the current Brand Visibility bursary is July 1st 2017. A winner will be chosen and notified by July 7th 2017 and the next of our bi-annual bursaries will open for entries and details will be published on this page on July 21st 2017.