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Our Services

At Brand Visibility our services are tailor made for each businesses needs and sector. We can propose a full service solution or services in isolation such as Digital PR depending on your individual business needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

All the analysis, process and best practice your website needs to climb the rankings.

Content Optimisation

Is your content strategy meeting your customers questions & needs?

Digital PR & Outreach

Get your brand or clients national and niche PR coverage and links.

Measurable results!

Gaining measurable results within Google all depends on your starting point and ability to react quickly to what is required of you as a competitor in any niche online.

All your competitors are pushing hard to occupy the highest possible rankings on the most competitive keywords. But are they being efficient? Trophy keyword rankings are fantastic and achievable but should not be obsessed over.

Using smart data insights, customer centric content creation and highly creative outreach Brand Visibility can rise above the competition and redefine your expectations.

What brands usually ask us..

How much do we charge & how?

We bill out to clients on a day rate basis. The minimum billable days per month is always agreed in advance when a client signs up . Any additional days required depending on campaign needs can simply be added. Most new clients pay monthly in advance. Established clients and brands with lengthy procurement processes tend to pay monthly in arrears. 

Do you have lengthy contracts?

No... all our contracts operate on a rolling 3 month notice period.  

What brands do you work with?

We work with small startup's through to large bluechip brands.  View a small selection here. We do reserve the right to not tender for business from anybody that might conflict with any existing client exclusivity requirements or simply who's business we feel will not be a good fit for BrandVisibility. 

What else can you do for us?

Typically clients come to us for just one service they currently need help with such as Digital PR or onsite SEO.

What happens then is after 3 to 6 months clients see how we add value and how having us execute more services as part of their overall marketing strategy makes sense.

We are happy to not try sell an all-in-one solution to clients from the offset as trust and relationships always need time.

How do you execute Digital PR?

Whilst rather a "piece of string" type question, typically a digital PR campaign will be influenced by the following factors: Timescales, brand guidelines & budget.

After looking at whats being done by your competiton, what's happening in your niche and the news, after being briefed on brand safety and other guidelines, after showing you & understanding your attitudes to certain types of campaign ideas we simply create a whole bunch of ideas to achieve whatever your campaign KPI's require, map them out in timescale & costs and then hopefully without much delay; crack on. Sounds simple, right?!

Typically we advise clients to have a minimum of two PR pushes per month as part of an ongoing campaign

How many links can you get us?

Quite possibly the most sticky question after "how much do you charge?" is "how many links can you get us?". Whilst we appreciate that most clients require Digital PR campaigns to drive links for their SEO efforts and is the no1 KPI for measuring successful campaigns, the truthful answer is nobody knows and nobody can guarantee link volumes. Not without allocating budget for paid placement. We are happy to show you examples of campaigns we have run that have generated dozens of high quality links, and, campaigns that have ultimately flopped. It happens and we are happy to be honest about how Digital PR actually works.

Let’s get people taking about & searching for your brand!

Brand Visibility is a forward thinking digital agency with it's HQ in Peterborough and team members located all over the world. Our strong focus on Digital PR and SEO allows us to focus on our core strengths. Founded by ex Yahoo! Search Marketing and Digital agency veterans we strive to bring all clients the success they deserve.

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If you want to see what out the box creativity, determination and hard work looks like, please get in touch and let us showcase our success.


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